Sunday, November 9, 2008


Prabhu and Durga glided on the beach sand, holding each other’s arms. The couple was married to each other for four years and to their archaeological excavations for seven years. And now they are in Coromandel Coast for the past three months, excavating old coins and broken wares.
Durga saw crabs making diagonal path to them and poked them with a stick. Prabhu moved on while she sat there and played with crabs. He noticed an unusual change in waves.

One of his assistant ran towards him with a brown thing in his hands and gasped in between his words.

“Sir, we’ve found this package 5 feet below on site and this is addressed to you”

“What? Come again”

“To you sir, but no address or location specified. We had argument there and decided to let you open this package”

“ can leave now and continue the work”

When the assistant returned to the site, Prabhu sat on a sand mound and tore open the package. Inside was highly Digitized Journal and it belonged or will belong to year 2054. ”It should not be A.D. or B.C. Both are impossible!!”

He had an eye at his team whether they are playing prank on him but found nothing unusual. In the page under January 1, there were printed words.

“Hello. Hope you got this 6 feet below on 12.63 N & 80.17 E. At time 8:40 AM .If so, then I will suggest my friends to use PTP services.Well, PTP stands for Parallel Tele Portation and they are universal providers of transport through parallel universes. I know you had come across Parallel Universe theory. And recent findings have shown that Parallel worlds are spheres which are intersecting each other in various dimensions. In 2054, to go to past or to future, we have to just give our destination year, time and place. Calculating probability, they give us time and location where this world and destination world meet at intersection point. And that point is the entry to other universe.And, I delivered this package to you from such a point.So, just jump to December 26 page soon to save her”.
He flipped pages leisurely and turned to see Durga still playing with crabs.
And under Dec 26, 2054 were,

“50 years had rolled by. I think I was reading something when we saw the huge waves. Tsunami knocked me unconscious and sent you to heaven.Eventhough I lost my past memory and married my caretaking nurse in hospital; I can’t forget your face because you’re my first love. Miss you, Durga”

‘Durga!’Prabhu flipped back the journal tensely and found that it will be his journal in future.

“Oh my!!This is me.”It was then the reality struck him and he turned to see huge waves approaching them. He rushed towards Durga who was dumbstruck on seeing 50 feet waves. In moments, the waves crashed on shore with deafening roar and he lost his consciousness.


This is 500 words story(flash fiction-i managed with 495 words :) ) written for online fiction contest in which i failed to qualify(as usual :( ).The theme fixed for the contest was "journal" and so journal will be main role and this fiction never ends but goes on and on,if you understand!!