Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Best Cracker awards 2008-09 Winner

Welcome back to the Best Cracker award 2008 - 09!

Please wake up ,sir...madam,please wake up..dude,don't sleep..This isn't brainstorming lecture by world leaders! :P

Well,we got votes from judge panel members : saad shaikh,priya vinay,urvashi,soin,rakesh vanamali and nandhini! Bush crackers are leading with two votes.Come on,let's stop beating around the bush,he has had enough.But people,they are all crackers that really burst. What's fun in it??

*clears throat* We got a nomination which we failed to show up in nominations and which we never expected.We got that nomination even before the cracker was made,designed..er..created in brain of creator.

So the Best cracker awards goes to :

No , no silence please.Kindly clap.Please,I beg you people to clap. ok. We will have press meet in a hour  where the award and recipient would be available,so that you media people can get the air out of them by asking non-sense questions and blowing up useless matters..sorry,we don't allow news-people to sneak into bathroom to see what soap mr.winner is using and later blame him for using soap brand of middle-east origin. Hey there security, don't allow people with shoes or slippers. 
A hour later

Press meet:

Welcome to the press meet !
So reporters were asking Winner how he felt.
Reporter 1: So how did you feel?
Winner: I feel very bad.

R1:Why? you should have felt very proud..very happy!
W: So why did you asked me when you knew the answer!

Just then somebody rushes(1km/hr) to the stage:

Press meet over,all disperse!:D
Go and write whatever comes to your imagination. Interview the winner and intruder and pester(keep your face serious,boy cut encouraged if interviewer is female..come on,you're the one who works for welfare of country by showcasing our defense strategy to whole world..:P) how they feel and show their crying face in slow motion with a violin music in background. Don't forget to blame Politicians and police for this.
If time permits, show this in between shahrukh interview and ambani's fight news!:P

This is kinda story..hmm..my long time dream of writing blog with cartoons to explain the situation is fulfilled!!:)

Note:Pardon me for my worst handwriting.I feel a good handwriting would have done small justice to the drawings.