Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This day,that year- Nov 4

Today is the birthday of aspiring future businessman.He was born on nov 4,1987. Got who is it?
Well,let us see what he tells about himself:
Ohk!!.. Here I am. Once again.. trying to first figure out what I am and then to let you know. This is the hardest part of life.. absolutely.. atleast for me.. it is..

I guess I am just another soul on the planet Earth trying to find the purpose of my existence… Sounds poetic…huh?! Yeah.. but true to some extent…I am the most unpredictable person you’ll ever encounter.. just like our Met Dept. with the weather forecasts.. you will find it hard to believe anything that comes from me.. see.. I am myself sayin’ that.. ahan..!! abhi pata chala.. I am honest too.. :P cool.. but some people really think that I am weird.. I don't know why they give me this title but I actually feel nice to stand out in the crowd by being weird... most people aren't weird.. so that's one distinguishing factor.. I like it.. ;)

Guess who is it?
Still not.

Well,it is the birthday of our famous Bombay Blogger Saad Shaikh.

I thought of drawing a caricature of him.But changed my mind and drew a portrait. I feel it doesn't look exactly like him.But anything is a try.(seriya varayalengrathukku ipdi oru bit this way of justifying your bad drawing eh?)

Click on the pic to view enlarged image.