Saturday, August 1, 2009


As i had already said,I'm like waiting for tags.Filling a tag is good time-pass and it makes us explore ourselves. And who will not like to tell the world how they feel??
So,Im filling up the tag sent to me by Kasabian girl.

More about the TAG:
The idea is, to list five items in each category and not necessarily in order of liking. You can always add or subtract categories according to your will. Then tag five mortals.

My five favorite words:

1.Home - Even If i'm given a billion dollars for staying away from my home for single night,I won't.For me,my home matters more than others.It seems that I can live in my home forever.It never bores me.Each and every brick in my home has my dad's sweat in it.I will never ever leave it till I die.When I hear the words ' Im going home' coming from my own , I would have this unexplainable joy.

2.Slim - I always wanted to be slim.As long as I can remember,I never look fit with my friends when it comes to size.I've always look different in a photo taken with friends.Sometimes,I even hate to take pics cos of my oversize.Though my mom says I'm lean(of course,for every mom,her son is a hero),Her words shatter when I see my pic. When someone says me "hey,you look slightly,lightly,microscopically leaner than before",I would be jumping between earth and heaven!:D

3.F-word = MASS(my college mate) introduced this word to me.Since then,this has been the first word that comes to me when i see something bad or hear something good!I had to be careful hereafter that this 4 lettered word shouldn't escape my mouth when I'm in office or in public places.

4.Thaarumaaru(superb) = I use many prefixes before thaarumaaru while using it.Whatever may be the situation,this word can bring out the emotion.Like allu kelambuthu(fear rising),I catched the phrase thaarumaaru from my school friend!

5.some Tamil words starting with o! = i greet some of my friends with the O words and one of my dept guy has O as his title and they call him as O balaji!:D(lol). I had never used this in derogatory manner.I never used this for fight,cos I never fight with anyone!

My five favorite celebrity crushes:

As far as of now,I never had crush on any celebrity! I dont know why? I have thought day and night that why I dont feel any crush on any actress when my friends narrate how they feel about some actress.But I have had strong crushes with the momentum after the crush, billion times more than the initial momentum.All these crushes were on girls whom I can see daily or atleast weekly.That too,these girls weren't the top beauties in college.But they're a celebrity to me!

1.This was my first crush or rather saythe first time I thought about a girl for hours.She was my school junior.I dont want to say more on this.Till now,I never cross her street without popping my head searching whether she is there in her home.And sometimes,I get an eye-eye contact too!wow!:D

2.My immediate crush on entering college.She was in my sports camp and I will always untie my shoe laces and see her standing in girls line while tying my laces for time which was like years to me!told her through a social networking site that I had this but never had guts to speak to you and got a reply "what do you want?"!:D

3.My long crush before the current one.Her eyes were so beautiful but not even a single guy in my gang knew her name.But someone got me her name atlast and gave me an extra trivia "she's committed in double side relationship".I felt angry for my foolishness that when a girl returns your gaze,it doesn't means that she is interested in you.

4.The last and latest one.Had crush on her for three years.Gathered all info about her on my own.Even saw the movie ,read the books she likes so that when we speak about these, she might think our waves are in same frequency,length and amplitude.But all these came to crash when she rejected all my requests in all networking sites of the i look like a stalker?? :O

5.Blank.Im waiting for the one who will reject my friend requests!:D

My five favorite random things:

My computer- of course,she is my only girlfriend!B-)

Internet - can't imagine how I would have lived without this.

Cycle - she(the effect of increasing flirting population in my friends circle;indirect peer pressure) was my love from my 5th std.Not able to touch her now,due to my lazyness to pedal.

Canteen/co-ops bund = has spent more time there than in classes during my fours years of college.though i cant sit there now,That place is my favorite.

Linkin park songs = makes me feel energised and jump on toes.

My five favorite comic book characters-

1.calvin=unbeatable.i dont know how he managed to make me laugh on his every strip;'he' refers to bill waterson.
4.bruce wayne(I like the way he overcame his fears)
5.The king in "Wizard of id"

My five favorite literary characters:

Ian Malcolm from "jurassic park" and "lost world"
Kenner from "state of fear"
Robert langdon from "da vinci code"
Andre marek from "timeline"
The swarm from "prey"

I pass on this tag to Ganesh,Gokul,Why so serious today, Archana and careless whispers.