Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blah Blah -2!

One who understands,conquers and controls his/her mind,can control the whole world!

If someone asks me 'what is your worst enemy and best friend'- I would say 'its my mind!'

While in crowds,it is my worst enemy and while alone,its my best friend.:D

Till now,I had lost to my mind more than the times I defeated it.

And yeah,I have started building confidence into the fight with my mind while outside home,in public places.I'm having initial victories while going out!this is a good news.:)

I have started to follow "the monk who sold his ferrari" techniques and I both plead and command my mind to follow it sincerely for the 21 days prescribed in the book.One thing,I don't eat non-veg when I'm in home,so one rule passed! :D

Will soon tell you all whether it helped me rule my mind.:)

Just wanted to type this ! so ..