Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blah Blah -2!

One who understands,conquers and controls his/her mind,can control the whole world!

If someone asks me 'what is your worst enemy and best friend'- I would say 'its my mind!'

While in crowds,it is my worst enemy and while alone,its my best friend.:D

Till now,I had lost to my mind more than the times I defeated it.

And yeah,I have started building confidence into the fight with my mind while outside home,in public places.I'm having initial victories while going out!this is a good news.:)

I have started to follow "the monk who sold his ferrari" techniques and I both plead and command my mind to follow it sincerely for the 21 days prescribed in the book.One thing,I don't eat non-veg when I'm in home,so one rule passed! :D

Will soon tell you all whether it helped me rule my mind.:)

Just wanted to type this ! so ..


kasabiangirl said...

Nice post and good thoughts...it's indeed true...one who can conquer his mind can conquer the whole world!

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Indeed! The mind is the cause for every action that originates out of the self! Once mastered, true bliss can be achieved!

soin said...

"i fight with my mind" whats "i" here.. arent the mind and i the same

Saad Shaikh said...

hey.. you know what.. you sounded like Neo of Matrix.. ;)

but yeah.. thoughtful.. :)

mind it! :P

Parth said...

Till now,I had lost to my mind more than the times I defeated it.
Same blood!
Following your path,i am also gonna read the MWSHF. I hope it helps.

Babli said...

I liked your blog very much.Lovely post.
You are welcome in my blogs.

Srivatsan said...

of course!

im reading it for the second time.
while i read it for 1st time last year,i started following it but couldn't continue for a day!:D

he he!
neo would cry for this,if you said this to him!

@rakesh vanamali
really! I'm using all my time to master it.I struggle to master it for 16 hours(8 hours sleep is excluded).Most of the time I master it and it works according to my command.yet sometimes it preaches 'negatives' and 'can't do's',that's what irritates me!

a pure mind is really elixir of life!

Srivatsan said...

Sometime when you sit idle,you would feel thoughts flowing in your brain from nowhere.If you read theft news in paper,your mind will race to thoughts like "what if it happens to my home?".these are negative thoughts!
but the real you never desires such bad thing to happen.yet your thoughts in mind fears such things may happen.that is the difference between i and mind.
When thoughts are in your control,then I and mind joins.BUt you can feel the mind as controlling you when thoughts are going beyond your real self.it's confusing.
I advise people to be always optimistic.optimist always controls his mind.I was hardcore pessimist.but pessimism never wins anything.Now making myself optimistic in all aspects.:)
optimism rocks!

Black Light said...

Do these books like 'MWSHF' & 'You can win' actually work?

its nothing more than teaching
2+2 is 4!!!

BTW, even if i win over my mind (lets say), its just going to be a part of my mind winning. isnt it? LOL

HaRy!! said...

Oh yea... Mind always is our best friend and enemy... Its really a fact that yu conquer the Mind and yu can really gotcha the whole world!... yur mind made yu write this all of a sudden :P ?

H a R y

Gautam said...

hmm good thought...but some times you need to follow your instincts..

Just Me :) said...

Conquering and ruling exist on two different planes all together. But I wish you luck in your endeavors :-)

Madhu said...

I got little confused readin this post..:P:D Honestly,i too come across situations where in i think something else and my mind tells something else..Don't argue on the fact that both are the same.."THEY ARE NOT"...getting my mind into control almost seems more difficult than curbing my wildest temptations...!! The day we conquer this...we will rule the world for sure..[P.S Do we need to rule anyway?? :P]

Silent Thunder said...

as a corollary, even if my mind wins, its only a part of me winning, right?..B-)

Interesting fight this.. I think you'll know of this book - 'How to stop worrying and start living' by Dale Carnegie.. Awesome book on positive thinking..:)

Black Light said...


"Don't argue on the fact that both are the same.."THEY ARE NOT"..."

Well i always feel that one part of my mind negotiating the other.I do what the winner says!:-)

@ Arjun

'I' is an entity comprising of my mind, instincts, consciousness, etc... and ofcourse My physical thing! All are intertwined in an inseparable way!

Srivatsan said...

Even when others used to read this self-motivation books,I used to laugh at them.But after reading this,I think it works a bit.Atleast, it gives peace during i perform the methods said in the book.At other times,mind rules me!:(

a year before,I used to think pessimistically and cancel all works while starting.This pessimism had turned my mind lazy and made me face failures.So at that point,I started to speak with my mind(manasatchi) and would suggest positive steps for every negative thoughts it throws inside my mind.
And robin sharma also says this 'thoughts are forms,they can sometimes control us' and I feel he is right!

Srivatsan said...

sometimes,Deep thinking helps and sometimes,instincts works!:)

@just me
Thanks.I dont want to conquer/rule,i just want my thoughts under my control!But this is a big thing to do!

he he! I dont want to rule even my street! I just want to control these meaningless thoughts like 'what if this bus im sitting crashes' while in bus and 'what if i dont return home' while starting from home.:D and so on...

I think you had that book in your home.had seen it somewhere!

Black Light said...


If you think it works.. then it is great. Go on...

I myself read those books and found them not so useful for me :-(

If i become an iconic personality and if i write a book about all those stupid things i did. Who knows it might turn a NW best seller :-)

But ofcourse, 'if you think you're right, then you are' :-)

Madhu said...

@Gokul aka Black Light!...Well negotitating minds is quite a task..Sometimes i dont know how many minds i actually have....Every single minute my thoughts and reactions change...Especially when u want ur mind to co operate..it never does..!

Black Light said...

"how many minds i actually have...."

Well said. I think you would have read eve's persuasion (excerpt from milton's paradise lost)during school days..

One of the nicely crafted work to show the way our mind works..
People who havent read that yet, have a look at it when you have time.

Ekam said...

Nice post:)