Saturday, November 14, 2009

ANS vs MNS (i dunno what to type as topic) :O

Click on the (above and below | lazy to type twice :P )pic to view enlarged image.

Removing colors from the above pic(without a software :D):

Actually, i'm sorry for keeping my blog name as "A cartoon A day". Previously,I updated cartoons once in a week due to laziness,but now some other thing is keeping me occupied. I have spent 5 days to create a comic superhero league just to ridicule(or trying to).So couldnt read newspapers or online news. One comic page takes atleast 5 hours to draw.and i had to trash the old one which i had drawn for whole two days,just because i changed the story..blah blah blah...

here is the link:

Tamil people can understand the meaning of name of  the above said league! ;)