Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shaking in fear

Click on the pic to view enlarged image.

16 comments: said...

hehe ... cool n creative ...
wow man ... loved it :)

Srivatsan said...

Thanks! :)

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Thankfully, the situation here in Pune is a lil better!

soin said...

nalla yosichu varaireengo...

HaRy!! said...

Kalakal as usual poonga :) swine flu and earthquake...relative eh?

H a R y

Black Light said...

That was too cool.

The sketches are turning out well dude!
Go on...!

Guria said...

Could you lend me your brain (or mind, whatever) for... say, a couple of days... really... seriously!



Saad Shaikh said...

hahahaa... nice one.. :D

I am at the epicenter in that case.. :P

Archana said...

Unveiling your swine flu cartoons one by one huh? :)

VISHNU said...

good 1.. but a bit late..

Kaka said...

is the building really shaking due to swine flu or is jayalalitha jumping in anger in her office...:D

Parth said...

I see the first, yet strong, improvement in your cartoon;hope you will make it still better.
Great going..

Anonymous said...

lol...couldn't have chosen a better time :)


Srivatsan said...

@rakesh vanamali
ya,i hear swine flu and pune rarely in news!:D

Thanks nna!

cha cha! rendum ore nerathula chennai eh bayamuruthichula!;)


well,you will then have insomniac,have crowds phobia and laziness...still want it? :P

he he!
i think it is becoming less serious,atleast in news headlines!

there are 3-4 more!but continuously putting it up may make me appear obsessive to swine flu!:D

Srivatsan said...

ya..was drawn a week only got its head into scanner!

no no..AMMA paavam!

I drew it entirely with black pen instead of using pencil for outline!May be that's the reason!:D

Thank you! :)

Madhu said...

Finally somethin on swine flu..i was xpectin that...For me the post was yeah i forgot..LOL!