Friday, August 15, 2008


I can feel myself overtaking nearby photons. I don’t have sense organs. Yet I can feel, feel the heat, light, temperature, sound, solid, liquid, I can only feel. My atoms vibrate when it encounters any of physical object or parameters and I can feel it before I stumble on it. I am beyond injuries and death. The medium with which I’m clinging to is nearing a very heat body which I can feel.  And I’m now approaching a planet. I can feel my fellows of my planet leaving this planet which am approaching. The planet which was my host some centuries ago.oops! One of my being had disoriented me by going through me. Orienting my atoms, I dived down to the surface of the planet. The purpose of this sudden arrival to this planet is to reveal here that we are the forefathers of this planet’s creatures. That we are here for a tour and that all aerobic living beings here are our vehicles for that tour. I can feel damping vibrations below and it suddenly ended.So,I entered assuming that it was host of my friend who crashed on me just before. And I feel my atoms coupling with host’s cells and ions. Then I excited my atoms and the whole host vibrated with maximum intensity.


He can feel his whole body shaking. He opened his eyes and forcing apart his clenched jaw, he screamed in pain. He got up with a war effort and crossed the road limping very slowly.

This is not that planet as I had seen before. I can see new structures with white light shining around it and new birds flying high with ear-tearing sounds. Last time, when I was here, I was in a host suffering from high fever in a desert. It was the last host with whom I had been last time on this planet. Then I left this planet and went to my abode. Let me scrutinize his brain and load my atoms with data. This host name is of my planet mate was with this host for past twenty-six years. This host has read and obtained masters in evolution science. So let me use this host for fulfilling my trip here. What is that peculiar sound? That is…

A car braked before Rajan and a head popped out.

“ this rajan? How do you do, man?”His eyes scans rajan,”What the hell happened to you...You’re bleeding. Get into my car, Quick!”

Rajan felt stinging pain near his forehead and touched and felt hot liquid there. He got into car.

What can I do now…let the host use his normal sense organs. And let me have a read of his life incidents till now.

“Ya with an accident. I hope so. May I know who…?”

“Who? Me? Fuck you! I’m Deepak. Forgot your old roommate? We did our masters in US of A rajan. Got your brain screwed now huh?”Deepak chuckled. “so wotcha doing now? Saw me on TVs? All those goddamn interviews..”

“Where are we now?”Rajan carried a puzzled look. Deepak frowned. The next hour bathed in silence.

“Here comes the hospital” Deepak whistled as he maneuvered his brand new car to the hospital parking lot. He then helped rajan to the hospital reception desk.


Scanning this host’s brain for the past one hour, I stumbled upon something shocking. This Deepak had stolen rajan’s scientific research on Evolution and had loped to India and had it published here in his name and had become popular among the people. Rajan, due to low financial support, can’t even argue in courts for his stolen research and losing thousands in courts, he turned into a drunkard spoiling his career.Today,he had drank more and met up with an accident a-hour drive from here.


Deepak was striking a conversation with the receptionist when friendly voice caught his ears, “Hello Deepak sir!”

Turning around, he saw a tall man in police uniform, whom he had met once in a party, beaming towards him. “Hello mr.kumar...IPS”.Both of them shook hands.

Kumar eyed rajan with suspicion and enquired Deepak about him. Rajan on hearing his name woke up and saw Deepak holding him. He pushed him aside and snatched pistol from Kumar’s belt. All these happened in blink of an eye. He braced his arms around Deepak’s neck so much that he nearly choked and held pistol near Deepak’s temples. Hurriedly, he threatened Deepak to the parking area.

“Rajan, what the hell you are doing? This is a foolish act”

Rajan let a weary laugh, “Deepak-scientist…our country’s highly respected evolutionary expert...The father of evolution...” spatted on the floor, “hadn’t you felt so ashamed Deepak…for you sonofabitch stole my research…you may not know how I felt for past four years..But you will meet your end now”. He slowly gripped the pistol trigger.

Deepak screeched in panic.

“Don’t shoot! Dont shoot! I plead in god’s name...I will give you whatever I have...Blank cheque.., my car.Take it “

“There is a saying Deepak which goes like “A sewage will never smell nice even in flower garden” and that goes for you. Have you ever heard the word ‘research’? I know what the fuck you were in college days…I can tell you how many times you had vomited in our room on my thesis papers. But one thing…”Rajan felt his body losing him. His world blacked out for a moment.

I sprinted to his brain to take charge of him and tell the world, the only truth.


“I will tell you the truth” rajan growled “that my research, the stolen research is wrong, dear thief. But the whole world believes it. Let me tell you the truth Deepak that you’re with the first life in this planet”. Saying thus, Rajan slapped Deepak hard on the cheek.

“I am the reason, I am the source of this whole world!” pointing his fingers towards himself, Rajan whispered “This is not rajan...Rajan is my host…I am an you, to this planet. Have heard from my mates there in my planet that you people have doubts about aliens.UFO, flying saucer, SETI, water in mars, blah blah blah.Who the fuck told that aliens need water or oxygen to live? Why you people spend crores of money in searching water when organisms are out there which are anaerobic and drink acids and survive? Did anybody from heaven told you lot that aliens are short and have huge ears and no eyelids? Oh! What had human beings told that ends in truth? Nothing! Reel back to paleoprotozoic era, that is, 2.7 billion years ago. Earth was full of anaerobic organism, mostly unicellular. Then, all of sudden, oxygen was produced in large quantities. And all these anaerobic species were wiped away from the face of earth. Then the presence of oxygen stimulated production of ATP by the cells which grew fast and thus unicellular beings evolved into multicellular and complex organisms. So the question here is , ‘how oxygen came all of a sudden to this planet?’.Can you answer me, Mr.scientist?”

Deepak shook his head in negative response.

“Ok Mr.Deepak, let me enlighten you…before 2.7 billion years ago, oxygen was not in earth. For nearly 1.8 billion years since the birth of this planet, there was no evidence for oxygen. Then how it suddenly appeared? The answer is: We”

“We brought oxygen to this planet, earth.Each and every oxygen molecule you inhale, every oxygen molecule plants exhale, all are my planet origins. To say, you are totally dependent on aliens for life. We don’t have form or body as we don’t have amino acids in our planet. We don’t have DNA sequence. But we have atoms in us. Our planet is at the outer edge of solar system adjacent to this solar system. We were formed some 3 billion years ago in our planet. I was born around that same time. And after some millions of years, a meteor hit our planet and we were thrown off to the space. Some of us were clanged to comet nearby which brought us near to this earth. We entered earth and got into bonding with iron forming branded formation. Then we were boiling in primordial soup when we came into bonding with hydrogen molecules and formed water droplets. We soon evaporated and rained on the land surface and hot boiling oceans. We cooled down the earth and that is when we rested on unicellular prokaryotes. One of the prokaryotes suddenly leaked a chemical which excited my atoms while I was on its surface. I suddenly underwent binary fission and my clone went on to next unicellular. Then I felt sudden change in the orientations of my atoms. And the reason was oxygen from our bodies were releasing away from us. Our body contains 25%of our planet’s dust and 75% of oxygen. This 75% oxygen gets released whenever we undergo fission and leave this planet.Because, oxygen weighs more than us and due to gravity, it stays down. And thus came the oxygen to earth. Oxygen is an alien because its parents, we are aliens.”

“Whenever we rest on planet, we undergo fission and one part traces exit from here while other part goes to reproductory tract of female organism. And when we stumble upon, iron, we colonize there and form rust. When we meet with combustible material, we excite to such an extent that there is heat from our atoms and there burns that material.”

“Oh my god! So oxygen molecules can speak. Are you nuts?”Deepak laughed maniacally.

“Vibrations. I vibrate, this host’s vocal chords speaks according to my vibrations. Our vibrations and atomic spins are termed as life in this world. If we wish to change host, then we simply interact with our fellows in that environment and make my host accessible to diseases or accidents. We are both creators and victims. You may think we can enter alive organism’s body? Hell no! We repel with our planet ions. If we feel ourselves densely populated, we create earthquakes, volcanos, hurricanes and tsunamis and let ourselves exit from hosts”

“So why do an alien kill one of its kind?”

“It’s the way we free ourselves from our host if we can’t communicate with the environment. We communicate with our kind in fellow hosts to let them kill us. Or we tend to end our lives by suicide. But you, hosts cannot realize this communication. Some hosts may feel, and you people name them as ESP, telepathy, and déjà vu”.

“So you people have thinking abilities?”

“We think by vibrations we feel. Our neurons are orientation of atoms in space. We communicate through waves. But every time when we leave the host, may it be human being, cat, pig, insect or amoeba, we take its neuron-ions along with our planet ions. So we too have added intelligence of your planet’s organism. As we don’t have death, I, who was in several hosts for several millions of years, have more knowledge than my successors. We too evolute, my boy! It is not rule that only earthly beings should evolute.when our planet’s evolved beings enter into fetus of a mother, there takes birth of child geniuses. And I am more skilled than the kind in your body. The purpose of my arrival here is to let this world know about us. About the truth that you people are breathing and living with aliens.”.Rajan laughed with manner of pride.


Sound of the siren echoed in the parking area. Rajan turned around to see the IPS officer Kumar at a distance who had kept them in constant vigil. And an voice echoed through loudspeaker from police van,”Surrender! Throw up your hands! Drop your weapon! Surrender! Police have rounded up this place!”

Kumar inspected the scene with binoculars now. Rajan had shackled hands of Deepak by one of his hand and had kept his foot over Deepak’s wrist. And he was banging Deepak’s head with pistol in slow actions, while Deepak was laughing.Suddenly, Rajan stabbed Deepak’s neck with butt of pistol. Deepak fainted and Rajan kneeled down and both of them were hidden by cars.Cautiously, the policemen were advancing towards Rajan’s hiding place. Next minute, Deepak was running towards Kumar with his hands at the back of his head. Kumar had instinct to shoot the kidnapper. Rajan’s hand slowly made its appearance near the bonnet of a car and Kumar shot aiming at diesel tank. And all the armed men shot at cars parked there. The car blew up with loud explosion the very next second. And Kumar saw rajan’s hand with pistol still in it, flying away and landing near a policeman. Deepak was found fainted on the ground near Kumar.


How’s he, doc?”

“He is perfect. We will discharge him soon”

This conversation between Kumar and doctor awoke Deepak. He slowly got up and inhaled deeply. Then he went to nearby mirror in the room and touched his face and his lips hid burst of laughter. And the scenes began to flash backwards till the point where…


Surrender! Throw up your hands! Drop your weapon! Surrender! Police have rounded up this place!”Echoed through the parking area.

Deepak made a screechy laugh and said “I know this, you little bastard! I knew that policemen will round off this parking soon because my friend Kumar saw all these. Heard that somebody is creator of life, where is he now? Count your time. for they gonna send your ass to hell. Do you think I am such a stupid to lend my ears to foolish alien theory? It’s just to push the time till police arrives here” and Deepak let out a maniacal laugh.

The next moment saw rajan angrily stabbing Deepak at the back of his head. Deepak fainted and rajan kneeled down and broke Deepak’s knees. Now he fetched Deepak’s collar and murmured “now, you, that is me, will escape. Me alias you will die. Can’t catch the phrase, huh? I told you that we too evolve. But our evolution pattern is different. We, the evolved aliens have the power even to change our host’s body structure, face patterns and even vocal patterns.” I made my host body to match Deepak’s vibrations.  “And we change our hosts exactly like clone of other hosts” Deepak saw Rajan’s face changing like his face. He felt like seeing himself in a mirror but with image having different shirt. Seeing this, Deepak felt dizzy. Rajan changed himself with Deepak’s clothes and left his belongings aside Deepak who hallucinated. All these happened within a minute. Rajan, now changed as Deepak, ran towards Kumar keeping his hands at the back of his head.

I communicated with my fellow in Kumar’s body and urged him to shoot the cars.

The next few seconds were full of gunshots and the intensity of blast knocked him to ground. And now, Rajan had woken up and enjoyed seeing himself on mirror which showed Deepak imitating his every movements.


Kumar entered the room.

“Deepak, I think you feel fine now. Is that kidnapper your friend? I found his card besides his disoriented body. We can’t even recognize his face. But the ID card showed Rajan. Is he your friend?”

Kumar let a puzzled gaze over him and said “by the way, your blood has high alcoholic content. So you are drinking and driving, huh?”

“oh!er…it was..Yes! And sir, can you arrange for a press meet? I need to tell a truth to this world.” Registered & Protected


Anonymous said...

Cool Story da .. I never knew u sent entries for Kalki Short Story competition and all .. The way u write is absolutely great. But i am not into Sci-Fi that much so didn't find it too magnetic . But a gr8 story anyways . Heads up . 4.5/5 :-P

Srivatsan said...

thanks da... :)

Diwa said...

Very good attempt da. Barring a few places, the narration is very easy to follow. Read a lot, it will help u to develop a better style.

this link has a list tamil sci-fi short stories sent for a competition. enjoy them.

இரா. வசந்த குமார். said...

அன்பு ஸ்ரீவத்ஸன்...

மிக்க நன்றிகள் தங்கள் வருகைக்கும், வாழ்த்துக்கும்! பிற்கால அறிவியல் புனை கதைகள் என்றால் கொஞ்சம் ஆங்கிலம் கலந்திருந்தால், நவீனமாகத் தெரியும் என்று அப்படி எழுதினேன். தமிழ் மட்டுமே கொண்டு அறிவியல் புனைகதை வேண்டும் எனில், இக்கதையைப் படித்து, கருத்து சொல்லுங்களேன்.

கமெண்ட்டிற்கு தாங்கள் இந்த வெப்சைட்டைப் பயன்படுத்திப் பாருங்களேன்.

Silent Thunder said...

Interesting concept machi.. Especially the 'entry scene' of the alien molecule was pretty unique.. This is a good deviation from the Crichtons and Stephen Kings of yore.. An engrossing read..

sudarvizhi said...

good one... !! concept was too gooog :) great piece of work :) keep writing :)

Srivatsan said...


nandri nandri nandri!