Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hereafter,Im in idea of uploading my cartoons here.Im tired of showing my cartoons to everyone(well,no one actually sees it).After all,I pour my views on cartoons and expect some reviews(positive or negative)so that I may improve in it.Though I draw cartoons in my own way,without any guidance,I hope one day,My toons may get published in nation-wide circulating newspapers.With that faint light of hope and bulk of confidence,I hereby start blogging my cartoons.It may range from political to career sectors. And for few weeks until I get my scanner,I will first upload my draws , shot through webcam.So I have to bold the letters and label in bold letters in the cartoon. It may not look like good one.But every two or three days,I will try to scan and put good clarity toons.
Hope you people visit this blog often and play the role of good critic!

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