Thursday, July 16, 2009

15 Books tag

So,filling my blog with words after a long time.I came across this post "My 15 Books tag" and thought of listing my 15 favorite books too.This list is not sorted out based on my most favorite to least or best to better.Im just listing out whichever book i remember the most.

  1. Lord of rings(the fellowship of ring,the two towers and return of king) by J.R.R.TOLKIEN: Thought of reading the three volumes in a single-go,so took the biig 1200 pages LOTR book and spent nearly a month reading it.The font size is nearly half that of the normal font size used in almost all other novels.I thought I had to put spectacles while finishing the book.But once you start reading it,you will be glued to it. The pace picks up after gandalf meets frodo and tells the story of ring.(btw,the film and book differs in many places).This book is classic.
  2. Jurassic park by Michael crichton : The book made me feel that the movie(based on this book) directed by spielberg is not so great as i had once considered. Everything(i meant the scientific facts) in jurassic park is well explained in this book,which the film lacks. This book had many thrilling scenes than the film and im still a fan of malcolm effect.
  3. Doomsday Conspiracy by Sidney sheldon : The only book of sheldon ,the plot of which i still remember.bcos all his other books seemed to have same style of plots.But this book was completely different.The hunter becoming the hunted concept was new to me when I read this book.And i read the book twice cos I loved the pace.
  4. Angels and demons by Dan brown : The first novel i ever read.Im not used to novels till i finished my school and was very poor in english too(This post is an example).But a friend of mine introduced me to lending library nearby and im still lending books from there to read.
  5. Digital fortress by Dan brown : The twists he lays for NDAKOTA is exciting.felt like watching a film while reading it.
  6. Prey by micheal crichton : If you want to read science thriller,then go for this book.You would feel short of breath when you're reading the pages where the forman takes the crew outside the lab and returns back with some spray(i forgot!).
  7. Alchemist by paulo coelho : 'You dont need to wander or go beyond the seas to achieve your dream.The key to success can be in your own place'.This is what I learnt from alchemist.The shepherd finds his treasure in his own place.Or I should have misunderstood the inner meaning in the book :( !
  8. Timeline by michael crichton : I like sci-fi's more and so I read all of crichton's except disclosure.I related myself much to andre marek in this fiction cos he too loved history like I do.
  9. State of fear by michael crichton : One book you shouldn't miss. try reading it once.Though some may feel its boring,it has real science . The first novel to come with graphs and references.:D
  10. Andromeda strain by michael crichton : This book made me think about the ways in which evolution can take place.Interesting book for science lovers.
  11. Lost world by michael crichton : the sequel to jurassic park.Malcolm comes alive in this book.In JP,he is left dead in the park.And in this book,he is said to have survived but with broken legs.Again many interesting things like gambler's ruin,animal behaviors,evolution,etc.
  12. Sphere by michael crichton: The book which deals with psychology of people in underwater habitat. If you read crichton book,you can get entertainment plus knowledge.thats his speciality.
  13. Vanthaargal Vendraargal (வந்தார்கள் வென்றார்கள் ) by Madan : covers from gengis khan invasion to the last mughal emperor bahadur shah zafar.A must read for history lovers.
  14. Five point someone by chetan bhagat : You can laugh and feel when you're reading this book.the first time I came across a interesting concept of delivering few chapters from eyes of other characters apart from protagonist in this book.
  15. A brief history of time by stephen hawking:You should be highly patient while reading this book.Contains a lot of info's that you had to constantly refer physics book or ebook or net while reading this. And takes a lot of time to grasp hawking's view.I had headaches everytime I read this book.So placed this at end of list.

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haha I like it!!!

Anonymous said...

I really think you should start writing. If not daily at least once a week. I would read it regularly :)

Srivatsan said...

@kasabian girl
hmm..I feel my way of writing is poor!so only avoided writing.I will try twice a week,perhaps. ;)

Anonymous said...

Twice a week is just fine :)

Parth said...

Ya.Kasabiangirl is right. Leave cartooning and start writing. I'm damn serious!

Black Light said...

i wont say 'leave cartooning'.. But i think you are better in writing.
Its about the thoughts you have, they are creative, entertaining & informative.
So why bother just about the writing style.. Start writing more on more things :-)