Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I came across this interesting post about childhood misconceptions in one of the blogs(post).And my childhood misconceptions flashed across my mind. I have kinda short term memory loss (I cant recollect anything clearly,but this doesnt stand for laws,concepts and formula....education ruined my brain!!)!Still,i will try to drain down some thoughts(wouldnt it be easy if we had a pensieve,so that we can dig our head into it and recollect everything which happened) :(..

  1. I thought that the world is composed of many hemispherical bubbles.This bubbles are what we can see as sky meeting earth at horizons(not literally).i thought the world was within this bubble!
  2. Later , at age of 8 or so,I thought India is the world.At that time,I think i had come across India map only.And i mostly imagined world as wrapped by India,like we see fat men zoomed on screens so they occupy the whole screen.
  3. I was mis-taught that each star represents someone.I felt a lump in my throat whenever a star fell as shooting star,which meant to me that that person had died.
  4. I thought that the water flowed from bay of bengal to arabian sea through our streets,when there were floods.I thought this was to equalize the water level in both seas.I think this was during my 4th std.
  5. I thought that whatever that is happening to me have already happened and Im sitting somewhere with my wife and watching these as recorded tapes in VCR(those day,there was only vcr)
  6. I thought that there are people below my house who were in the past and if we go down,we can see dinosaurs and people from the past.
  7. I dont know the difference between boys and girls till 9th standard.In my 5th-6th std,i stepped into girls toilet many-a-times(bcos it was near to my class :D) not knowing the difference and was threatened by my friends that they will throw me into the dark room if i did it the next time :D
  8. I thought that all girls I see would be my future wife and they're waiting for my proposal .I feel ashamed to say this that I was in this foolish thought till my 10th standard.:(
  9. Before my age of ten,I thought that people would come through wires and perform in my TV.
  10. I had a worst of the worst misconception.Even I used to laugh at this thought of mine.But im not going to put it here ,cos its related to .....:D
I think we can make this misconceptions list as tag and I tag everyone who reads this.I look forward to read other's misconceptions during their childhood.


Saad Shaikh said...

Hahahaa.. I know what your 10th point possibly is.. :P

and your other points, literally, were graphical.. :P I could imagine those.. ;)

good one..

hey.. btw.. I have tagged you in the post TAG HERE.. do check out.. take that TAG forward.. :)

Silent Thunder said...

"Later , at age of 8 or so,I thought India is the world"

Hey, i also thought of that till around 9.. Whenever someone used to say 'i'm going to foreign place', i thought they were going to some town called 'foreign' in North India.. :D

madzie said...

a nice read..:)
Well being a twin[me and my sister are twins] i actually thought [till the age of 12] that we were the only exisisting [read=best]twins in the world...:P call that misconception or self appraisal..:P:D
Nice to find a tamil blogger[tamilian i meant]