Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I feel that it is easy to post a tag rather than scratching our head to write on a topic.SO,i fill up the tag passed on to me by Bombay blogger (saad shaikh).

The rules:

* Link the person who tagged you.

* Post these rules on your blog.
* Share your ABCs..
* Tag 3 people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.

* Let the 3 tagged people know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

* Do not tag the same person repeatedly but try to tag different people, so that there is a big network of bloggers doing this tag!

So, here goes my ABC..

A – Available/Single? Single!

– Best friend? My mind!

– Cake or Pie? cake...chocolate/honey!

– Drink of choice? buttermilk!:D

– Essential item you use every day? Computer..

– Favorite colour? Blue

– Hometown? Chennai

– Indulgence? Comic strips
and animated cartoons.

– January or February? January

– Kids & their names? There are around 100 billion kids(not mine) in the world
..If i need to write it down here,its gonna take lifetime!

– Life is incomplete without? a
Happy mind!

– Marriage date? I pray it should be a happy day for me!

– Number of siblings? One elder brother..

– Oranges or Apples? Apples.. good to chew and juicy too!

– Phobias/Fears? crowds! :(

– Quote for today? Help ever,hurt never!

– Reason to smile? When i do something useful to others!

– Season? ending days of summer.

– Tag 3 People? Bard speaks,
Jaideep sobti and Thoorika.

– Unknown fact about me?Im not so rough as i look like..

– Vegetable you don't like? Brinjal!

– Worst habit? Cant tolerate hunger!
I cant concentrate on a work when my tummy tickles from inside. :((

– X-rays you've had? Thrice as far as i have in memory!

– Your favorite food?
Chicken briyani(can eat only when im outside :( ) and anything by mom!
– Zodiac sign? I dont fake the sign of others! :P

Thank you saad, for tagging me!:)


kasabiangirl said...

Your worst habit ain't that bad Mr :)

Saad Shaikh said...

hehehee.. that was funny.. :P

and dude.. don't worry.. your wedding day will be a happy one.. ;)

ahan! you too missed G.. sorry people.. that's because of me.. :D

Jaideep Sobti said...

so i finally found your blog. nice work :)

thank you very much for considering to 'tag' me, but no thanks.... the reply to your tag is on my blog.

sorry for being such a spoil sport.

happy blogging & i sure will follow this weblog keenly :)

Thoorika said...

Your worst habit is cant tolerate hunger?! Lolz! You seem to be a very good guy !! :D Thanks for the tag!!

Srivatsan said...

I have missed many good moments and opportunities due to this! :(
I didnt notice that!I know my english knowledge is poor,but today, saw its bottom!:D

I have this hyper-acidity! which protests and tears my stomach walls,if i dont feed them their salary properly!:(

Archana said...

"Y – Your favorite food? Chicken briyani(can eat only when im outside :( ) and anything by mom!"

Lol, why when you're only outside?

Srivatsan said...

Even if the smell of any cooked non-veg item enters our home,my mom closes all windows and lights the agarbathis!:D
staunch veggies!Thats why? :((

Archana said...

Lol, most of my Tamil friends fall into that bracket of "underground non-vegetarians" when technically they're vegetarians. You should just come out with it and tell your mom. :P That is, before she comes across your blog!

Srivatsan said...

I told it to my mom & dad , the first time i ate chicken!They scolded me and made me to promise to god that I will never touch a chiken!I promised!;)
And i ate mutton briyani the next day!:D