Monday, October 19, 2009

Cracker Awards 2008-2009

 Welcome everyone to the cracker awards 2008-09!!
Lets cut short..these are nominations for the award!


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I think you people can vote for the best cracker! Which cracker pushed us to the edge that we might crack??
vote on comments section! ;)  poll ends 20th oct 2009,10 AM GMT!;)

err..I think I'm boring! anyway,wait for results!;)


soin said...

lol kanye vitu vekala.. he in pondi for rehab..and one matter.. i see lot of thought process in each cartoon man..gethu thinking.but the question is how many will understand it..specially political short how many are able to appreciate it..and man..really try with some might take u some where.. have u ever tried??

Urvashi said...

hmm.. I would vote 4 the Swine Flu cracker.. really blasted the whole country :P

Actually all of them are really nice ones..U hv a really gr8 sense of humour combined with sarcasm- the perfect combination of qualities for a cartoonists..!!!

Keep posting.. :)

nan said...

china cracker :P (he he chanceilla, thenna maram valatha pakkathu veetla kaykra maari idhu pakkathu veetla vedikkuma ? :P )

of course followed by the recession cracker and then the bjp cracker :P the REAL *crack*er :D

Saad Shaikh said...

actually I was a bit confused between Shashi Cracker and Bush Cracker..

but my vote goes to Bush.. He was.. err.. IS the most dangerous cracker in the history of cracker-kind.. :P

Priya Vinay said...

lol @5..

My vote goes to the recession cracker!!! aptly drawn sriv :) :)
n I agree with soin.. u should really get these published dude!

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Every one of them is awesome, but if U ask me to pick the best of them, or rather the first among equals - I'll go with the Bush cracker!!! Supa kool!

Vishnu said...

ah.. i missed this.. shit.. neways i vote for the china cracker.. the main thing it will burst on the neighbours.. but we also dont know wen it will burst.. but adhu buuus agadhu.. kandippa edikum..
kanye paavam sir.. atleast indha aard vadhu kodunga.. lol..

HaRy!! said...

late paniten!! cha!..analum paravala...i vote for Bush cracker...sema fun athu!

Naarya said...

china cracker was very cheeky!