Sunday, October 4, 2009

Flood fury

Click on the pic to view enlarged image.


nan said...

mm how long does it take to squiggle some thing like this ? looks like u do it with great ease
i mean a cartoon a day is just mind boggling according to me (unless you are gonna tell me you take the whole day to do this which is obviously not the case) !

Srivatsan said...

just a hour!
I have not learnt art or drawing...infact,I'm poor in drawing.once in school,my drawing was teared to pieces because it was so shabby.Even now,it is shabby.But these ideas come to my mind.And im jobless.So why not draw and irritate all your eyes! ;)

Im poor in writing.SO no way out!

HaRy!! said...

aiyooo pavam pa !! yeah the plight of these ppl is horrible indeed!...good cartoon

Parth said...

sema. :)

You say he is squiggling. Then you wonder how he does it with ease. Self contradictory don't you think?

Vishnu said...

sema mazhiaya sir.. if u want it to stop.. then i jus hav to come home then.. wenever i come to chennai..the rains stop..

nan said...

i call cartoons as squiggles :P
but it doesnt mean that i underestimate the effort gotcha ?