Saturday, October 17, 2009

For saad...he requested!

Click on the pic to view enlarged image.


nan said...

Such a pathetic state !

Saad Shaikh said...


First of all.. thanks a lot for fulfilling my request.. a real thank you from the core of my heart.. ;)

that was something straight from the gut.. witty yet full of reality.. cool yaar.. that is what I like abt this guy.. :)

Suggestion: Start one REQUEST PAGE where people can request you for cartoon illustrations on certain issues.. tera blog toh hit hai bhai!!! :D :D

thanks again.. ;)

Priya Vinay said...

:D witty!

Urvashi said...

I think all people who quarell n make the name of a place a Political Issue should read this..!!

Really Nice work..!!! :)

soin said...

lol gethu.. those few bastards spoil it for all.. the hindhi people have taken over the city.. just get over it.. should have stopped them at first of all if they wanted.. now whats the use..