Thursday, October 8, 2009

This (yester)day,That year - Oct 7

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The War in Afghanistan, which began on October 7, 2001 as the U.S. military's Operation Enduring Freedom and the British military's Operation Herrick, was launched in response to the September 11 attacks.
The stated aim of the invasion was to find Osama bin Laden and other high-ranking Al-Qaeda members and put them on trial, to destroy the whole organization of Al-Qaeda, and to remove the Taliban regime which supported and gave safe harbor to Al-Qaeda. The United States' Bush Doctrine stated that, as policy, it would not distinguish between terrorist organisations and nations or governments that harbor them.


soin said...

this has to be the only place afghanisthan is potrayed with

HaRy!! said...

agree with Soin !

nan said...

enakku indha bush ah vachi oru joke suthitrindude adhan gybagam varudhu :P

Anonymous said...

Wow...I like this concept of mixing the present with the past and nice sketch once again :)

Vishnu said...

for a change.. u hav tried colouring.. nice.. creeper nu sollitu 10000V nu potirukeenga..

Srivatsan said...


enna joke?? :O

Thanks ji!

that is not creeper as bush thinks..its high voltage wire..he still feels the shock from attacking it..

nan said...

Adhan pa oru 4 per flight la povanga bush, beckham, pope aprom oru school payyan, moonu parachuta dha irukkum.. andha joke.

adhukkum idhukkum enna connection nu kekria? verenna bush oda muttalthanam dhan :D :D