Sunday, November 8, 2009

oh mama mama mama mama mamama obama! :P

Click on the pic to view enlarged image.

Its been the first time,i spent four hours for a cartoon,may be a comic page! :D

regarding title,it is based on tamil song from "Minnale"! i used to hum this whenever i see obama on tv! :P

aargh..when i kept this paper on scanner,i adjusted it a little,it seems that would have made the ink leave carbon traces all over paper.. my 4 hours work turns bad! x-(


Guria said...


Four hours damn well spent!!

Hats off!!! :~))

Urvashi said...

thts nice...!!! :)

N ur headline,I guess even there is a hindi song by the same words from the movie RHTDM..!!

soin said...

leave him alone..its not his fault..dont make him cry..poor

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Good cartoon here! but on a serious note, I think we should give the man a while before we begin to judge him fully! Trust me on this!

Saad Shaikh said...

Lovely! :D

I liked especially the chemistry part.. :P Lol.. :D awesome.. ;)

that's what is called optimum utilization of time.. 4hrs well spent.. :D

- Sugar Cube - said...

Omg! This is awesome! =)

Chatterbox said...

Very nice! crisp & current :)
I agree with Rakesh and Soin on the note that we should give Obama some time to prove himself.

I personally feel, if let alone "Yes he can!"

Keep posting.


pra said...

Really nice one! It is very apr!

Vishnu said...

michelle lal edukku ezhutheenga..
n u could hav said abt recession and stock markets n given him tht too..

HaRy!! said...

o mama mama mama..bro kalakita !

Naarya said...

u have a very cheeky way of putting things across...nicely done

sudarvizhi said...

ha ha ha!!! sir sooper !!! chemistry award was the best ;P