Monday, February 8, 2010


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Saad Shaikh said...


Awesome bro.. :)

I actually loved the part where the small kid shouts "kunda kunda".. :P


awesome bhai... ;)

HaRy!! said...

he he :D

Ana said...

Jeez! Your ideas crack me up =))

Another reason why I'm coming back to india for good :P

sudarvizhi said...

ha ha ha !! Sooper !! as always ;) Luved the babie :)

P.S : Namma kiruka irukalam..But bubble la kiruka koodathu,... then there will be no kuvaa kuvaa kunda kunda confusion :P =)) =)) ha ha ha...just kidding :)

Keep up the awesome work !!

V Rakesh said...

Loooooooooool! Very aptly put!

And, good to see an update..... Hope to see more, frequently!

Madhu said...

LOL..that was awesome..where have u been all along eh?

kasabiangirl said...

I'm checking your blog out after a long time and I must have improved a lot...I like the students!

Srivatsan said...

thanks bhai
thank nna!

thank u! :P

@sudar senior

thanks! :)

yeah..from december last week,im under training at CTS ..daily classes and tests! leaves home by 7 am and returns by 8 no blogging! :D

@KG u??