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Density of Destiny

Warning: I had argued a lot in this article and it might affect your religious and spiritual sentiments. Please do not read this article and then blame me for interfering with your beliefs. You can very well not read this article. 
I always felt that poets often jot down poems to confuse people and wear that smirk on the face. “See, I write some lines with rhyming syllables and you end up taking so many versions from it”, would be the thought that should have gone through the poet’s brain. To put it in my own words, poems were used by people who do not want to say things directly, like its counterpart, classical dance and music. If you could see Bharatanaatyam dance, the girl or guy reproduces steps taught by their teachers. Very few invent steps, but it had to fall within a framework. Apart from the creative aspect, they keep on repeating the same lines in the background song. Mostly, it will be an episode from the fake mythical stories, like some random dude meeting up with random girl over a utopian garden, where her friends have their profession of giggling and making irritating expressions for even miniscule masculine entity roaming around. Usually, women themselves play the men role. The reverse happens in stage dramas that are staged in village fairs. There, men play the role of women, and to emphasize that they are women, they dip themselves in turmeric paste. So, women are yellow skinned and men dance with their hips arched.

Poems and dance were made to force people to respect those who orchestrate it. If not, how would that section of people earn money then? Professions were created to earn money and by forcing an authoritative stance, people in art took an unjustified position making non-artistic people to celebrate them in a godly manner. Anyone who creates must be god, because, god is their ultimate creator. If you could say what you want to say directly, without confusing the person reading it, without confusing yourself whether it is understandable for the receiver, why don’t you say it directly? Why do you fancy yourself deviating from the communication protocol, as though it makes you one step above the receiver? If poems were meant to be riddles or puzzles, then they need not be in literature section, they should have ended up in mathematics section of the library. When you want to convey something to a group of people, say it directly. Poems and dance forms were created by people to keep themselves comfy in the elite category.

Another arena that constrains people under specific ‘compressions & rarefactions’ is the classical music. A classical singer should not deviate from the rules and regulations framed by some guy in the past. He happened to be Telugu guy and so he sang few lines in Telugu. Ok, it is always cool to sing few lines for hours in a language people will not understand. Stretch a line for ten minutes, while shouting at different frequencies and then go for next line. Have a person who beat animal’s skins (mridangam), who blow holes while opening and closing it (flute), and another one, who runs the horse’s hair with four strings of stretched sheep gut (violin). And then, the person with tambura, who sits there, doing nothing. He can be bravely questioned with “what were you plucking?” kind of derogatory question. He cannot escape with any excuse. All he can say is, “I was plucking the strings”.

Western dance and music were no less stupid. You have to put the same steps. You have to stand stiff like a person trying to control his boner. Yes, stand stiff, not you, dick, but you, head. Then, the music, with an old aged women letting out circles of sounds that will force you to take a gun and pop it off her mouth. Or, the music that slowly starts from almost silence to something fast, then slows, then die down. Like a train approaching a platform and then leaving it. Almost, all of the forms of art were created by people in those areas, not only to earn money, but to show themselves that they are not like the illiterate, no-brainer, unintelligent, working masses. Or they thought that doing the same kind of work is not intelligent and does not involve usage of brain. Of course not, you need to be mentally active even in a bored monotonous job.  These artists try to attach themselves to kings and noble people and cheat them by saying simple things in complex manner. And the usually foolish king and the ministers would have good time pass in decoding those encrypted arts.

The reason why I took Poetry, Dance and Music is, people usually attach Arts to be their destiny.
She/he was destined to be a poet, an actor, a dancer, a musician. That is gift of god.
You need to be a prodigy to excel in arts. It should be written in your fate to be an artist.
This was the destiny that was attached to people for long ages. Destiny in the field of science came very much later, as it was considered a blasphemy to practice science in dark ages. Yes, you can practice religious science. How was the world created? goddidit. That was an excellent scientific theory that ruled the entire intelligent beings for around thousands of years and even now. Nobody is destined to be an artist, or to be a musician, or to be singer, not an actor. But, everybody is destined to die. You can never contradict that. But the way in which a living being would die or lose its indication of life is not destined.

Your destiny shifts as you move towards it. Or, you make your own destiny, Rather, I would say, wherever you end up, that is your destiny.

Let us proceed with few examples. It was the time before the monotheistic religions gained stronghold. A farmer is working hard in the field sowing the seeds, watering it and standing guard of it against animals and fellow men who might ruin it. Now, what is his destiny? Yes, he is destined to be a farmer. Why? He was destined to be a farmer. Now will you shut up and not question the plan of destiny-maker as he works in mysterious ways. Why was he destined to be a farmer and not a hunter? Or a fighter? Or a woman? Or teacher? Or king? Why should he end up as a hardworking farmer, who has to till in the land of some other noble person and beg for money to feed his family? It was because; he thought it is his fate to be farmer. Now, there is a difference between destiny and fate. Destiny is synonymous with success, while fate is synonymous with failure. When you become a musician, you are destined to be one. When you fail to be an acclaimed artist and end up painting in roadside for few coins, then it is in your fate to suffer. So, an ever-loving destiny-maker casts you to lower economic conditions because he wants to work in mysterious ways. He wants to test you, but he does not care to test the rich people. Why should god always test the good people? Because, that is why lazy assholes who consider themselves as good do not work hard to move ahead. So, their stupid laziness becomes a test of god. And when you pray to that most merciful and most benevolent, he might think of removing the blockades from the destiny he had created. With an all knowing destiny-maker, he knew of your destiny, he knew of your desire to attain that destiny, he knew that he is going to block you; he knew that you will pray to remove those blocks and after you reach your destiny, you thank him for guiding and attribute your success to him. But, when you are blocked more and banished from reaching your destiny, he has some reason for doing it so. Because, he knew your destiny, he knew you would fail, so he did not want to listen to your prayers or acknowledge it. He might have changed it, but it would go against his plan.  Compare this with a don influencing people who are under him. He will know what he can do to you, he will keep blockades. When you kiss his hands and fall to his feet, then he will remove those blockades and guide you to your goals. All he needs is your devotion and loyalty. So, Mafia dons are in one way destiny-makers. Or they are better than that, because you see them and you are sure your prayers are heard by the don.

When your destiny is already created and when you are guided by an invisible force that knows the destiny, then what work you do to reach that destiny? Prayers. You can just pray, while your destiny is shifted to somewhere reachable. If prayers had such powers, why can’t people just stop visiting hospitals and start praying to get a cure? Is it not a na├»ve thought that your destiny is a pre-planned one? If your destiny is already placed, how can you know what that destiny is? Imagine that some person in car is stationed at a parking lot some thousand miles away from you. You can only reach him, when you know of him and his whereabouts beforehand. And, you should have communicated him about your scheduled meeting with him. Or you just start going in some random direction, then someone guides you to his place and keeps him stationed there till you reach. Which one of these sounds good? Destiny, as we define it, cannot be pre-fixed. It is not pre-determined. It cannot be. A pre-determined destiny reduces us to be just pawns in the hand of a non-existing destiny-maker. If he wants to play game using us, with whom is he playing? His own destiny? Her own destiny? Or its own destiny? What if the destiny-maker was an earthworm that created us with its intelligence and which sacrifices itself to become our food we eat and wine we drink. If that god wants to move you to a place which he had created, are you just his road racing PC gaming characters? What kind of fun does he derive from moving you across places? Does he need fun, when he is supposed to be epitome of happiness? When you can be placed nearer to a pre-determined destiny, why keep you far away and put blockades in–between? So that, you can learn things and understand the working of that destiny maker before reaching your destiny. If so, that destiny maker should be a self-boasting thing filled with vanity. Being proud of torturing his own creations by creating more obstacles to them?

If destiny is pre-determined, why should you worry about it? After all, it is going to happen. You can just sit and loiter across your homes and sleep all through the day. And, since you are destined, you are going to get it. John is destined to get a pizza and since it is pre-determined, he does not need to go to pizza outlet for it. So, the supernatural thing pre-planned this destiny of John, created home delivery, created so many human who are destined to deliver the pizza to John. So, for fulfilling the destiny of John, more creatures with destiny of delivering pizza to John were made. If you cannot wake that lazy bum of John to get to pizza store, you end up creating many other living beings to deliver it to him. Why? Because, I had written his destiny and I cannot rewrite it. If so, why can’t I write his destiny of going to pizza outlet, while I was creating him? It would have made my task simple. But, the most beneficial and best planner needs to put things in complex manner, such that people who want simple things to appear complex find it to be mysterious. Thus, destiny-maker should be an artist, if he had existed.

Both the terms, destiny and fate, were employed by people, who do not want to blame themselves for the result of their actions. Or the combined result of the universal action. So, the density of the destiny is zero. You do not have a destiny. You do not have fate. You do not have a purpose.

Do we have any purpose? No. Absolutely not.

We do not have any pre-determined purpose. That, a certain individual is created to suffer alone throughout his/her lifetime is not an intelligent design. If a creature is created to do sin, then why write its fate or destiny to commit that sin? If that sin is going to cast him into hell or put him into endless births to reap the sown seeds of sin, why let him do that sin in the first hand? It is because he mishandles his freewill. If a will is given to do stuffs on a person’s own intelligence and then later claiming it as deviating from a destined plan, can it be called freewill? Why give freewill in the first hand, if you do not want that creature to act free?

Hitler was not created to orchestrate the destiny of millions of Jews in Poland and Germany. Let us see how it would have been done, the destiny determination part. “Oh shit! I had created Hitler and I had destined him to kill so many Jews. So let me create millions of Jews, and let me watch them die in the concentration camps as I turn my deaf ears away from their prayers”. Sounds really intelligent. So, the purpose of Hitler was not pre-determined. It was determined by him and by the inaction of the fellow Germans who failed to control him. It is his choice and the choice of the rest of the universe.

A quarter of a million Japanese were not destined to be killed in the horrific nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. “Oh shit! I had let my creation to unlock power of nuclear bomb. But, they have to use it. Let me see. Ah aah.. There a million funny Japs. Let me blow them all.  I hereby destine those 240,000 Japanese to be killed on the same day by the dropping of an atomic bomb by my own creations. Hitman dudes!”. Employing his own toys to destroy fellow toys. Creation sounds to me like a child’s play. Or, employing hitmen to finish the pre-written job.

Billions of people were not destined to be dead in wars, famines, earthquakes, floods, massacres, thunderstorms and petty fights, at their births. They were not destined to be dead by epidemics, ethnic cleansing, cancer and diarrhea, at their births. They were not destined to be dead by accidents, at the time of their birth. They were not destined to be dead until the very moment, where their body becomes incapable of further functioning.
People are not brought to single ship called Titanic to end their life in middle of a freezing ocean. They chose to be on the ship and they chose to sink along with the ship. But, as I had already mentioned in my other article “The Dead End”, your choice is also limited by the choice of the rest of the universe. As you move along every second, your choice weaves itself with choice of the rest of universe appearing complex to you at first sight. But, as you go deeper, it is all simple. When you die, the atoms that constitute you go from one form to another.Breaks its bonds, etc etc. I do not want to enter into that area, as I am yet to research well on the atom theory.

My point here is there is no destiny or fate or purpose. The purpose of the stone that hit your head is not to kill you according to your fate. It was not created in the volcano millions of years ago to end your life created just a few years ago. The train that thrashed you to pieces was not inserted into the world to bring your life to an end. You choose to go near it and the driver chose to concentrate on some other thing than noticing you in the track. An asteroid formed millions of years ago does not have purpose to kill the thousands of people in the earth. George W Bush was not created to finish off lakhs of Iraqis in a war. All these events happen randomly and we call it Destiny or Purpose or Fate.

Of course, there is a purpose or destiny and that is fully determined by you. The purpose of my life is to question things that are told not to be questioned. It was not pre-written. I made it as my purpose. I could have made many other purposes like marrying and having a child, being an army man, a doctor, a pilot or my wish of being an astronomer. I had the liberty to choose them. But, I did not do so because of my laziness in holding on to my chosen purpose.

In a cinema, the purpose of villains was to show how good the hero is. The purpose of hero is to finish off the villain. The purpose of female protagonist is to act as an agent to enable hero finish off the villain. But, in the real world, there are no such pre-determined purposes. A man with the purpose of killing anyone for the other person not falling within his moral strata does not make him a hero. A hero is not born or made; rather he is celebrated as one. That is why, a hero of a particular population is villain of another population. In mythology, the creator wants to prove himself to his creations. So, instead of just deploying himself in all the minds of his creations with a single button click, he creates a person to do sin, thereby destroying few of his creations and then he appears to finish off the demon that he had himself created. Why waste so much of time to prove, if he had the power to do it by just make his creations realize his presence?  Why appear to only certain person and make him as messenger? Why not contact everyone? Why create a messenger to contact his very own creations? Why create them and destine them to make sin and disconnect them from your network, and then send a messenger to contact them? Why not write their destiny such that they can be contacted anytime? What is the need for a messenger? Does that mean the omnipotent superpower could not contact himself? If so, how can he judge people and record their sins? There are such endless questions.

There are two principles that is related to the purpose word. They are the strong anthropic principle and theweak anthropic principle. Strong principle says that the purpose of the universe is to present itself to the human observer to be researched. Weak principle says that universe which chose to help create life and intellectual life forms had the opportunity to be analysed by those life forms. In my view, both are wrong. I am not a scientist, but I can argue against them both. First of all, the creation of all these matters around us is not for life forms. If so, every other planets and every other star system and every oher galaxy would end up having life. We have not communicated with any such life forms. Although there are faults in the mode with which we approach earth-like forms in other extraterrestrial locations. And I will discuss about them in a separate article. In my view, the universe was not created, nor did it stay for eternity. But until I find something out of my analysis, I will stay and agree with the Big bang and Steady state theory. Both sounds perfect and both have experimental backings. Big bang is more universally approved because of the Cosmic Microwave Background which proved to be true. Yet, steady state scores in certain other areas too. I can easily disprove the Strong principle that we are made for analyzing the universe. Of course not, we are not made; it is our cells that group itself. If so, do the cells have intelligence? The problem with human beings is that we measure intelligence in our own terms. We have to remove the human lens and try to approach the world in various angles. The dogs might think of us as less intelligent to understand its communication and its view of the universe. Dogs might even have principle and observations about the universe. Maybe, every other living forms have a higher intellectual understanding than us about the universe, having been born before us in the earth. Maybe, they have understood that there is no purpose of life and hence do not form families and works and machines and computers. Their thoughts might not be in human perspective, but might be in their own perspective. Like how we get irritated by foreign tongues, they too get irritated by our words. If animals could communicate among themselves better than us and handle situations better than us, does it mean they are advanced animals than human beings? If you talk of age, then tortoise are more evolved than humans to live? Their cells are more sustainable than our cells. If you talk of speed, then cheetahs are more evolved than humans? If so, the purpose of such animals is getting defeated.

Chickens are not meant to end up in our plates and goats are not meant to be sacrificed. Chicken lays egg not for us to eat. Cows do not secrete milk for us to drink. Water does not flow for us to drink. It does not rain for our crops to grow. Sun was not created for light. Stars were not formed to decorate our night skies. Moon was not formed to be poetically praised. You were not created to relish this world. We do not have any purpose, we create them. We do not have any pre-written destiny, we make them. We are not bound by fate, we bind ourselves.

But, a life without a purpose is boring. Boredom is also a choice. You choose to be bored, when you have so many things to do. You can go ahead and run for days. You can choose to sleep and pass your time. It is your choice to be bored or not. Your brain can never be bored as it keeps on working even when you are sleeping.

Speaking of the weak anthropic principle, the purpose of universe is not to create life forms. Again, the creation of life forms is not the best choice for the universe. It is best choice for us alone because we do not want to be seen as worst choice. If you could say, “What is the purpose of these things going around sun, if it could not have some spectator?”. I might answer with a question, “What is the purpose of an art, if it has no spectator?”. For people who had wondered, why did I chose arts to talk about destiny might now understand that I used arts because of the perspective that it had carried with it. That something should be exhibited for the spectators.

A mute dance to a blind audience does not have a purpose.
But you can carry it as your purpose. Because, the audience need not see your dance. What are you trying to do with that art form? Are you entertaining them or are you using a platform that had forced people to choose your art as an entertainment? Human beings who had adopted this artistic perspective searched for audience for every action occurring in the universe. So, was the universe just a waste junk before 3 billion years, because it did not had an observer back then? Does it need to create an audience to watch its performance? If so, the universe and the non-living matter should also have the same amount of intelligence as you have. Which proves that the whole universe is alive and blasting.

Next time, when you feel you do not have any purpose, read this article again with a purpose of reading it. After all, the whole universe does not have any purpose. We create purpose. Nobody is useless, nobody should be used more or less. Purpose of teacher is not to teach, he can choose to teach. Purpose of parents are not to feed kids, but they choose to take care of them. And the purpose of me is not to write this article, but I chose to write them. And the purpose of you is not to read this, but you chose to read till this. Bubye!

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