Monday, August 10, 2009


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Kaka said...

nice blog....the cartoons are really nice..:)

Saad Shaikh said...

hehehee.. nice one.. seems the metro thing is deep in your mind.. ;)

someone show these cartoons to METRO project developers.. :P

Jaideep Sobti said...

reminds me of my 'mamooth book of jokes'... really funny.

- Sugar Cube - said...

Hey! The point of view matters so much in a picture cartoon.

Cool one! Different

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

totally agree with Saad above..

Archana said...

You just keep churning out the cartoons, almost really every day. Keeping with your blog title I suppose. Anyway, I have something for you at my blog. :)

Yodz said...

lovely cranes... cool

rahul said...

lolz..and few bones were also broken coz of these 3 broken hearts :)

Rakesh Vanamali said...

lol! This is kool! Very well illustrated! It is by chance that I stumbled upon ur, blogrolling U!

Anonymous said...

haha...nice Srivatsan

I really think you are doing a great job..Nice cartoons everyday.Keeping up with your blog title :)

madzie said...

This ones nice...:) Keep up the work!

HaRy!! said...

Hi here....boy kalakitingo...will keep visitin this everyday then! :) cheers

H a R y

Srivatsan said...



For some news,many ideas to mock it arises,so it appears that i'm obsessed with that news.Well,with swine flu,i'm obsessed with it bcos I think about it whenever i go out!

Srivatsan said...

@jaideep sobti
Thanks sir!

@sugar cube


There is ,sometimes, three days lag bcos i need to grin before my mom to get 50 rupees for scanning.But now,I think i will get a scanner soon(after four months of requests & begging)!If it happens so,i can make my blog active daily!


That was horrible!
when i saw the visuals,i visioned in my mind how painful+crazy it would be when cranes fell on my head....i will never go below a crane hereafter!:D

Welcome to my blog!

Srivatsan said...


in loft?:P

keep visiting!:)
Nandri nna!:D

Your comments makes me both happy and sad.Happy,that my work is getting recognized. Sad,that I didn't work up to the standard.I just spend few hours for drawing cartoons in a week.
Hereafter,i'm going to spend 2-3 hours daily for drawing and I need to improve my drawing skills a lot!

So keep commenting and point out mistakes or flaws in the cartoon.

Shruti said...

very creative..
never knew you have so much drawing skills!!!
Rocking yaar!!


Srivatsan said...


Guria said...

I'm leaving a comment at this last cartoon because I couldn't decide which one I liked best.

I follow Dilbert' blog and daily strips religiously, now it seems I have got to add you to my blogroll as well.

Keep spinning the cartoons!!!

More *smiles* to you! =)

Srivatsan said...

Your comments urges me to think more!