Friday, August 14, 2009


I had always scolded someone who leaves a winning company or team.Why should he leave that group?is he a fool? Or is he jealous about others in the team?if he had been in the team amidst irritations,adjusting to their flow,he would have been in glory now!

But how can you exist in a team if you aren't compatible with the other members in a team?
How can you work together in a team if you felt like being with strangers even after 12 years of knowing them?
Its ok,I felt like a loser then.But I was losing my own self then.I can't behave like how I'm then.Now,may be I have walked out,yet I can behave my own way.

It is better to lose something to win one self,than to win something to lose one self.


Anonymous said...

I agree Srivatsan...can't be in a winning team if we have to forget who we are...can't lose ourselves to win something..Nice thought :)

Srivatsan said...

Experience teaches us more than a school or college does!

Anonymous said...

I was actually looking for a cartoon in the recent post but there's something.

Team members-->compatibility is such an important factor. Funny, how I got yelled at when I tried to describe the same problem to my boss. He was like : if there are goons, work with the goons. :|

But hey : good blog :D

Archana said...

A change from the cartoons, but a pleasant one. :) Good point. I'd rather come out of something as 2nd place, but know that I have myself intact, versus walking out with the 1st price but having lost myself in the process.

Archana said...

Oh and yay for posting the DS stamp! :) It's kinda funny how there's a woman laying on a hammock on the beach on your blog now, haha.

Srivatsan said...

Amidst dull black and white,your DS stamp gives color to my blog!:D

Kaka said...

exactly the same thoughts when i felt i should be staying elsewhere than with the group who i knew for 3 years.....:)

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

it is better to do anything that makes you be at peace with your own self..

Anonymous said...

Have a happy Independence Day!

Jaideep Sobti said...

Srivatsan, i am impressed. People get this realization a little too late in life. If you have realized this at your age.... you have a lot of happiness ahead of you.

Congratulations on your awakening and best of luck :) said...

Happy Indi Day :)

Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan hehe :)


HaRy!! said...

was wondering if yu cud illustrate with a cartoon as yu always do!!i agree Experience teaches us better than anything!

Saad Shaikh said...

wow.. that was really thoughtful.. even I used to think that way..

but that's right.. if you're into something where you can't face yourself in the mirror, it is something that should be re-thought about..


Madhu said...

Pretty nice post there..:) Yeah its highly necessary we maintain our identity rather than go with the telugu they say"gumpalo Govinda'..:P:D

Srivatsan said...

I left the team a month ago..but it was itching in a corner of my mind that I should have told them the reason.SO i wrote it here!

sir,I've never been to a workplace till now.I don't know how i would react to such conditions !I have doubts like what if we're sole bread earner for the family? and cast into a team most incompatible?:O

Happy Independence day! :)

Happy Independence day! :)

illanna,cartoons ready ah iruku,aana scan panna dabbu illa!soon,scanner vaangiduven!appram daily 2-3 upload panuven!:D

if i go to work,may be i had to adjust! That's why I'm waiting for a job where there is less competition ;)!

Happy Independence day! :)

Shruti said...

u have good writing skills too srivatsan!!
""It is better to lose something to win one self,than to win something to lose one self.""
beautiful quote!!
Jai hind!

do visit my blog!

Black Light said...

Excellent writing skill vatsan... Go on!

Reg your post,
well i think no one can make you lose your identity unless you allow them to do it.

But i agree that one need to part away if he doesnt think he belongs to the group.

BTW, is that post related to our college?

Srivatsan said...

of course! :)

not at all.
Its related to my school friends.I try to wipe away my school day memories as it was not so good.

The only place that was heaven to me is our college(except exam-times).Still i want to go there and sit in bunds! :((

Parth said...

Right. Thats precisely why i resigned the job. The idiots expected me to do work! So i thought i would lose myself if i complied with them.... and hence resigned.. :D

Black Light said...



Better try for a baby sitter job :-)