Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cartoon on Demand

Click on the pic to view enlarged image.

Yesterday,Ganesh gave a new idea for a cartoon concerning Indian independence!And It is a great idea.Of course,great people always give great ideas.So did Ganesh!
A little info about Ganesh: no one can beat him in his knowledge of physics.
He is a great fan of sujatha,such that he joined MIT only bcos sujatha was an alumni there!(he said this,i dont know how much true it is)!
Highly talented writer and skilled in hykoo poems!

And,this is my first cartoon in colors!:D

Happy Independence Day!


Black Light said...

Nice thought Ganesh!!!

Good work duo

BTW, he didnt join this college b'cos of sujatha... The reason is a secret between us ;-)

Guria said...


Kudos to Ganesh andYou!

And a happy Independence day to you too! :)

Saad Shaikh said...

your colour illustration has only made it more interesting..

good one.. :)

Srivatsan said...

bcos of IT saranya?? :D

Thanks! :)

more toons related to swine flu are yet to come!:D

Parth said...

Avan avan eye epdi evolve aachu ngra rangela think panraan. Naan ethukku MIT la senthen ndrathu ippo romba mukyam?! Thesis ezhuthiduveenga pola! :o

Hey thanks! Didn't think you would give form to my idea this quickly. good. :)

Silent Thunder said...

Nice one..

We'd love some more colour cartoons, now that you can upload at better resolutions..:)

Srivatsan said...

scanner not yet bought!will be in home only on monday!

Thanks for the idea!

celebrities life eh paththi therinjukrathu thappu iliye!like yours!

Srivatsan said...


Kaka said...


HaRy!! said...

soooper work both of yu! :)keep it coming!..btw thats a KPN bus or flight ah? kalakitingo

Black Light said...

Parth a celebrity...


He he he

Btw, I am to you what arun tiwari was for APJ :-)

pra said...

That was a good cartoon...

Anonymous said...

Nice cartoon...the concept is really good..will be checking out Ganesh too :)

Srivatsan said...


ya,a bus with push back seat!
Thanks nna!


check out his blog.His hykoo's had been published in magazines.

soin said...

nice work.. nalla thoughts and imagination.. and i guess you might find this interesting..