Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Austeritis :P

Click on the pic to view enlarged image!


Ekam said...

Hehe.. ground attack :D

Ekam said...

Hehee.. Ground attack :D

- Sugar Cube - said...

lol @ security vehicle cost cut austerity !
lol @ ground attack! Haha!


Saad Shaikh said...

ROFL.. that guy with his binoculars pointed towards ground.. :D Lol.. :P solid yaar..

austerity measures.. :P

Kaka said...

lol man....ground attack....:D :D :D....

Anya said...

Very funny blog you have,
I love cartoons :)

greetings from the Netherlands
Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :)

soin said...

the man in the front is classic..free

Sat_hi_sh said...

Lolz this i why i like blogs ;)
gr8 work man :)

Black Light said...

Thats a good thought... ;)
Go on

Rakesh Vanamali said...

So much for the much publicized austerity drive!!!

HaRy!! said...

ho ho :) thats sema comedy!

Srivatsan said...


Thanks! :)

I actually drew binoculars better,but while using black ink pen for shading,it went berserk. I need to improve a lot!:(

thanks man!:)

Welcome to my blog!

Srivatsan said...


welcome to my blog!



Vasishtar vaayala bramma rishi pattam!:)

I can't understand what you're saying sir!

Thanks nna!

Silent Thunder said...

Haha.. Great! My fav for this month..:)

Naarya said...

btw..me tagged u on a game...chk my page...
was asked to tag some new faces and since u r my newest blogger friend...i tagged u too..