Sunday, September 20, 2009

Is media over-feeding us??

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Well,use my comments space as forum and pour your points on whether news channels are overreacting on every bit of news that aren't useful a bit and leaving the news that are supposed to be shown??
Are they over-feeding us with news??are they stuffing our brains with useless things??
According to me,news channels are burdening us with fears,fears,fears!!! :D


Sat_hi_sh said...

i concur with ur view buddy :)

btw u put ur views across very well :)
like ur posts alot....

keep blogging :)

Parth said...

i guess the news guys bringing a big cow near the child would have made the cartoon still better. ;)

And its again a struggle for existence and fame. So they will feed us with fears. Our mind shouldn't be a garbage collecting every shit it passes by. So when i read a statement given by the asshole adheenam that the world is gonna end on Aug 30th 2010, i smile and turn to the next page.

Suga said...

interesting :)
superb imagination
iLike :)

soin said...

its the same amount of milk in the bottle..they are just adding water to it..they will show a just bombed place.a mosque and some muslims near by.they wont say anything fcorse.draw ur own conclusions..what do you think?free

Archana said...

Yeah they are, news that usually makes the news is always negative! It's so rare to see headlines that are positive, or that aren't instilling fear/worry/stress in people's minds. So yes, we're being way overfed junk in the form of news. :x

HaRy!! said...

lol:)! kalkitingo...totally agree with yu on this! exaggeration = news!


Rakesh Vanamali said...

Yes indeed! Over the years the media has embarked on a frenzied journey of adding mania and exploiting the fears of the common man, while organizations battle it out among themselves to cast the most recent news, first!

Good illustration, as always!

Black Light said...

"Our mind shouldn't be a garbage collecting every shit it passes by."

Wow... that sums all.
If you are too ignorant to accept whatever you hear, then dont blame those who lie ;)